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So last night, Luke wore a Misfits t-shirt to the Billboard Music Awards. No big deal, right? Apparently not to Bill Werde and Hayley Williams.

This guy, Bill, called out Luke on his shirt and CALLED 5SOS A BOY-BAND IN THE PROCESS. Like, how the fuck would he know what music Luke listens to? I get it, it’s just another critic that has something stupid to say.

That would be alright with me, but then Hayley Williams, a musician that the 5SOS boys really look up to, joined in on calling out Luke. This really disappoints me because the boys look up to her so much, and because Ashton has a huge crush on her. THEY PUT HER AS A CHARACTER IN THEIR FUCKING “Don’t Stop” MUSIC VIDEO. As I recall, a certain someone (Hayley) was wearing a Misfits t-shirt on stage when she was the same age as, if not younger than, Luke.

Honestly, just because Luke is young does not give anyone the right to say that he doesn’t listen to a certain band or artist. He could be the biggest Misfits fan in the universe, for all we know.

What bothers me the most is that Hayley Williams thinks it’s okay to discourage these kids. She’s one of the best role models for a lot of female musicians, and musicians in general, but she’s discouraging a 17-year-old kid from listening to the music he likes.

So to Bill Werde and Hayley Williams,
Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Sincerely, the 5SOS family.


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On The Road Again Tour 2015: Australia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong.

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if this doesnt suit ur blog ur running the wrong kind of blog

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see, you don’t have to say “not all white people are like that” …you just have to show it in your fucking actions so that nobody can ever accuse you of being one of those shit white people

I’ve never seen the last two gifs!

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